The Brain for Technology
To the society of electronics

Nowhere is there a higher speed of innovation than within the electronics technological field.Nowhere is there a more expanding field than in the electronics technological field.In spite of human creation,technological advanceshave made us feel that technology is leading our desire of what may be possibleand what is to come.Since this company's founding,we have supported customer's production in a wide range,from electronics parts to factory equipment,as a total electronics trading company.Therefore our company has wide array of technological skills and knowledge.Our goal is to send information for the customer to utilize his/her technologyto his/her optimal ability.We look foward to an even closer relationship in the future.

A more Refined System toward Next Generation

We are living in a society where transition to multi media society is rapidly progressing, so it is inevitable for the demand of electronic industries to spread wider than ever before. In a society, which is expected to be constantly changing, we are resolved to preempt the change. Our goal is to promote stronger networking, information, capacity, and technical prowess, while continuing our promise to you, our customer to always offer you nothing short of the best.