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■Controlled Engineering

We offer our controlled engineering for design, production and sales to most of the domestic carmakers in the market. At its core our company offers top of the line design, production, and installation. This is where it begins it trial phase on the assembly line of a car manufacturer.

We are also structured to respond, support globally and dispatch our supervisors to locations worldwide. We have successfully passed company-specific protocol of carmakers both domestic and foreign. We have also accumulated high specific know-how centering around design production of automobiles at FMS lines.

While our main concern lines in the automobile industry, we have expanded our services to cover other areas such as electronics, entertainment, and food industry products.

We urge you to please try our advanced control technology that we have worked so hard to help accommodate your needs.

■The contents of engineering operating

  • A systems configuration and a design
  • Electric circuit design
  • The design of sequencer software
  • FA PC software design (others [ Visual Basic ])
  • A control board design and manufacture
  • Various automation machine design and manufactures
  • Electrical machinery construction
  • Local construction
  • Maintenance

■The main delivery equipment names

■The main overseas delivery places